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About us

Traum means ‘dream’ in German. Kapil and Anchal are firm believers of the fact that if traveling is your dream, then you should be fearless in the pursuit of what ignites your mind and soul. In 2016, they shifted to Germany for work and from there started their journey of exploration & a plethora of discoveries. Like any passionate and inquisitive traveler, initially they wanted to explore just about everything in Europe, but it needed a certain direction! This only happened when Anchal expressed her ‘Bucket List’ wish to travel 30 countries before turning 30. And that led to planned, well-researched, economical and time-bound travel itineraries. With every new travel plan, they use their ‘Indian Baniya’ skills and European local expertise to prepare brief and smart travel itineraries. They plan short extended weekend trips and ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Traum Travel page is for all the youngsters out there who have a profound passion for traveling but are struggling with time and budget constraints. So, quickly dig in to www.traumtraveler.com blogs, their short precise itineraries and expressive pictures will make you pack your bags and hit your next travel destination.

Enjoy browsing and treat yourself with multitude of fabulous travel experiences!